Lizard Glue Trap [Stick All Lizards]

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Lizard Glue Trap [Stick All Lizards]

Lizard Glue Trap [Stick All Lizards]

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The trap is pre-baited with synthetic insect pheromones that will cause lizards to be lured by the scent and get itself stuck in the trap.

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Brand: Stick All Lizards
Contents: 2 Sets

Usage Instructions

-Peel off the pre-baited inner adhesive. Insert one end of the Trap into one of the two slots on the other end to form a housing box.
-Peel off outer adhesive and paste the Stick All Lizards (Gecko) Glue Trap on any surface. After peeling off the inner adhesive, the trap is effective for usage for about 2 months before glue starts to cure.