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How To Check For Bed Bugs In a Hotel Room During Overseas Trip

Date AddedOct 16, 2021

The last thing on your mind when you go on vacation is the possibility of pests waiting for you in your hotel or lodging facility. Bed bugs, often known as "hitchhikers," are elusive and stealthy pests that hide in mattresses, bed frames, and other areas of a room, waiting for new hosts. While this insect does not spread disease, it is infamous for causing itchy bites after feeding on the blood of unwary human hosts, which may be rather upsetting.

Follow these methods to check for bed bugs in a hotel room or vacation rental this holidays to ensure an enjoyable, relaxed stay.

  • Pull back the sheets and check the mattress seams for stains or patches, especially in the corners.
  • Before unpacking, inspect the entire room, especially behind the headboard and in the sofas/chairs.
  • Keep your suitcase in the hallway or just inside the door, away from any potential bed bugs.
  • Visual examinations can be aided by carrying a tiny flashlight or using the flashlight on your phone.

If you see a bed bug or any of the indicators of bed bugs, notify the staff immediately and change rooms. Staying in a room next to the contaminated room is not a good idea.

Because bed bugs are microscopic and their eggs are sticky, it's likely that you'll bring them home with you even if they're not visible.


So What Can I Do To Repel Those Small Pesky Bed Bugs?


Place this bedbug killer/repellent sachet is made from essential oils in your luggage or room drawners and it and will help you to keep bed bugs away from your belongings.

The sachet is designed for travel and can be used in any indoor areas.