Anti Cockroach Repellent Gel [2-Pack] (Antimos)

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Anti Cockroach Repellent Gel [2-Pack] (Antimos)

Anti Cockroach Repellent Gel [2-Pack] (Antimos)

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Leaves your room smelling like a fresh pine forest whilst repelling those pesky cockroaches. It is 100% natural and chemical-free.

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How to use

1. Tear open shrink wrap and open plastic lid.

2. Once the plastic lid is removed, it releases a lemon-scented vapor.

3. Place it anywhere within the room or kitchen

4. Each canister is designed to protect an area of approx 80-100 sq ft and can last up to 21 days.

5. For extended usage, cover lid when not in use

6. Do not place in the direction of a blowing fan as it will disperse the vapor and reduce the effectiveness.